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Class Schedule that is in progress now

Mondays Killingworth The Dance Corner

4:45 Beginner/Intermediate

Norwalk - All Levels  Contact Kathy for more information

Shelton Class at the First Baptist Church in Shelton    Contact Kathy for more information
Adult class - 7:00 Milford Irish Heritage Society

Guilford Park and Rec All Levels
3:45 Beginner and Intermediate
4:45 Advanced

Westbrook Dance Academy

Fridays  Contact Kathy for more information
West Haven  All Levels
4:00 Beginners and Advanced Beginners
5:00 Intermediates
6:00 Advanced

Westbrook Dance Academy

Basic Information
* Children's Classes are one hour long, one class per week
*Classes consist of both step and Ceili dancing.
* Beginners start with the basic steps in the jig and some progress through Reel in the first year.
* Advanced Beginner continue with the Reel and progress onto the Hornpipe and Slip Jig
* Intermediate will work perfecting the Hornpipe and move on to Traditional Set Pieces
* Once the Hornpipe is perfected the dancers may get hard shoes, but will need both soft & hard.
These dancers will also continue to learn more advanced Reel and Slip Jig Steps.
* Advanced work on non traditional Set Pieces as well as other steps in Reel, Slip Jig and Treble Reel.
* All levels work on posture, turning feet out and technique as well as group and Ceili dances.
* Yes your dancer will learn Steps from Riverdance and Lord of The Dance, but we do not start out with this,
they have to work up to it.

For Adults Only
Wednesday  at 5:45  Milford Irish Heritage Society" method="post">