Mulkerin School of Irish Dancing

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions? Can I really
learn to step dance? Why does Riverdance make my feet tap for joy
while sitting? Why does Irish music make me smile and sing along?  
Kathleen Mulkerin never had to ask these questions of herself.

Growing up in Stamford Connecticut, she learned Irish dance and
music along with her siblings Michael, Martin, Beatrice, and John at
their father’s knee.  Jack Mulkerin, along with his band the, “Emerald
Boys,” taught them well.

This began a life long passion for dancing in Kathleen, a passion she
passed along to her children, grandchildren, and students.

Kathleen’s dancers have been featured in concert  with many well
know Irish Performers such as; Tommy Makem, The Clancy Brothers,
Carmel Quinn, The Wolftones, and Black 47 to name a few.  My mother
was known worldwide for some of her choreographic works such as;
Kennedy's Farewell, the Green Barrette, the Galway Races and the
Celtic Cross. She had also choreographed dance routines for local
theater productions at Sacred Heart University and other venues in
the area.

Kathleen's dancers had been featured on television programs in both
Ireland and the United States. Including “What's My Line,” “Once
around The Corner,” and more recently Kathleen's career has been
showcased along with her dancers on various Connecticut  news

My mother had always believed that teaching the love of Irish dance
and culture to her students, was more important than the medals or
trophies she and her dancers had won.

My mother's  many awards for dancing and choreography include :

The Irish Culture award in Stamford CT

The Irish Appreciation award given by the New Haven St. Patrick's Day
parade committee

The induction into the Irish dancing teacher’s Hall of fame.

My mothers school has been in existence for 68 years, although we
have lost her I will be following her example “keeping up the tradition”
of teaching a love for our common Irish Heritage and the Celtic spirit
of the dance.


Kathy Carew
Beatrice,Martin and Kathleen Mulkerin
The Emerald Boys
Jack Mulkerin and Matty Quinn