Information Needed For Classes

All Dancers need shoes - Beginner Girls - black ballet shoes
You can purchase them at any dance supply store or Payless or
Not slippers that look like ballet shoes, actual ballet dance shoes.

Intermediate/Advanced Girls - Ghillies (Irish Lace up shoes)
I have some but mostly smaller sizes
                     You can purchase them at

Center Stage Dance Store Clock Tower Rd Monroe CT
(Both ghillies and Hard Shoes)

Attitude Dance and Active Wear - 300 Westport Ave in Norwalk  
(203) 838-4002

O'Reilly's - 248 Main St Farmington, CT (860) 677-6958
or online at

You will need to copy these links, they are not working right now

Ballinvilla Products

or Ghillies, boys Reel shoes,  Hard shoes

Boys Shoes - Jazz shoes - You can purchase them at a dance supply store

                                  I do have some, but not large sizes right now

hard shoes should only be purchased after the dancer has learned the  
Hornpipe and only after consulting Kathy or Casey.

First time Hard Shoes Should be Clogging Shoes

Why? They make the same sound as hard shoes,
they are easier to get used to, and cost less money.
You must get black and no taps

You can also find them at some dance supply stores

Advanced Dancers should have the Irish Hard Shoes.
You can purchase them and soft shoes at usually has soft shoes on sale, always look at their sales first.

Do not go for the most expensive pair, try the lease expensive, or what's on sale,

What should we wear to classes
- Absolutely No Jeans - Warmer weather - Shorts and tee shirts
winter wear pants/skirt and a long sleeved shirt. Please have pants fit properly - not too long

Dance Studio Classes - please go with the dress code for the dance studio. Leotards, tights, dance shoes

Hair - long hair (girl or boy) must be pulled back in a ponytail or braid. Girls with shorter hair that will still fall in your face, must have a
stretchy headband.
Music - All dancers need to practice to music - here are some suggestions.
You can go on ITunes, Amazon or any music sites and get any of the following music
Just search for the following;       
Single Jig and/or light Jig 113
Open Treble Jig 92 This is great to practice for beginners and hard shoe jig dancers
Treble Jig 73 for more advanced hard shoe dancers
 Open Reel 90 beginners/advanced beginners 113 advanced
                 St Patrick’s Day – for advanced dancers traditional speed
                  Blackbird – for advanced dancers traditional speed
For Hornpipe    look for  Queen of the West for beginners or
                  Traditional speed Hornpipe for more advanced

For the beginner dancers they will need  The Open Treble Jig and Treble Jig speed 92
Those learning  the Reel – Traditional Hornpipe would be a good beat 92 or 138
Those learning Hornpipe Queen of the West is good slow speed
The more advanced dancers can use all of the above and also you can get whatever other
Set Pieces you may need.

For intermediate level on up - you can get Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes on ITUNES - Speed 113

Competition Speeds
Slip Jig Speed
113 - We use Din o mite Slip Jig but you can use any that has the same speed
Reel Speed 113 - We used Marney McCague Again But any reel with the same speed is fine
Treble Jig Speed 92 We use Ellery Kline and Ryan Lacey Beginner Treble Jig
Hornpipe Queen of the West is the tune we use


Dance Costumes - Please do no get a costume made unless it has been OK'd by Kathy
In Westbrook - Casey must OK costumes
In Killingworth - Elizabeth must OK costumes

I do have names and contact information for dressmakers.
You do need to purchase material on your own - here is where you can get it.

The dressmaker will give you the information on getting the material.


Irish Poodle Socks,583.htm

Black Circle Skirt Most dance shops have them but if you cannot find them you can go to
I do have some skirts for sale